jheri curl hair

How long does a jheri curl last naturally?

The Jheri curl is actually a very popular and widely used hairstyle which was very famous among African Americans during the years of the 1980s.

This jheri curl hair style will get the loosely, glossy and curled look invented by the Jheri Redding hairdresser. It was also considered to be the wash & wear hairstyle and it was also easier to care without necessary to have any popular chemical hair care treatments. Even though there are more than 35 years, still now most of the youngsters want to get jheri curls to get such a beautiful and stylish look.

Getting the Jheri curls:

jheri curl on natural hairIf you want to get the jheri curls on your natural hair, there are several ways available to get it just at your home.

  • Use Jheri curl supplies – The users can buy the readymade Jheri curl supplies which are all available in the beauty stores or drug stores. They are available in the form of haircut which should contain a hair softener to loosen it, the perm rods and also a solution to set the curls. Along with these materials, you should also look for a kit with the shower cap and activator.
  • Using the Jheri method – You can also get the jheri curl on natural hair even without using the chemicals. You have to choose the chemical free and gentle shampoo to keep your hair shaft strong. Similarly, it provides the best foundation for the soft and natural curls. Then, you can use the hair conditioner, curling custard cream to set the curls.

How long the Jheri curls in these modern days?

Whenever you are considering the jheri curls in the years 1980s, they were somewhat longer like the women’s hair. Both the males and females wanted to get such curls on those days. Today, most of the guys prefer modern day jheri curl which is somewhat shorter at all. The shorter hairstyle curls are currently very famous among the younger generations.

For the longer jheri curls, you can try the above mentioned methods but for the shorter curls, you have to go to the hair saloon. The hair styling experts available there will give you a proper solution and follow the best method to get the perfect Jheri curls for you. There are both permanent and temporary chemical-free curls available currently in the market as per the requirements of the individuals.